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Business Engagement Model

One that suits your business model

We have adapted ourself in this sensitive web industry not as per what suits us but more what suits our clients. We consider ourself not only as a vendor to our clients but a valuable partner. We understand in this 21st century market, every client wants flexibility which serves their niche requirement and wants things to be done in a way which is unique to their business model and we try to understand and adapt a engagement model which will facilitate their growth in a channelised manner. We provide the option of selecting a combination of business models to suit various phases of a project cycle depending on the project type, time-lines and complexity. We have had the right blend of experience and innovation using all these models which has a proven track record across different business verticals. Intuitiveness and the ability to adapt and streamline is one of the key reason we are able to offer such value with our software development costs.

Empower by Engaging

Fixed Price
Fixed costing based on Milestones
  • Time and cost being fixed and agreed upon, this model is for projects where specifications and scope are crystal clear and neatly documented. This is certainly a low risk option but a lot of detailing will be required and a lot of emphasis will be given on the design phase. This also helps clients in keeping a track of all the milestones and its progress in a timely manner.It helps justify payment based on achievable milestone and visible progress reduces risks.
Time and Material
Hourly, daily or a monthly based rates
  • Best suited when scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset. Here the cost of the project is directly proportional to time and resource involved in delivering the project. This usually is involved in complex projects where more emphasis in given on teams following Agile methodology which offers greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification.
Dedicated Development Center
Flexible cost based on resources and requirements
  • Can be used to setup a facility based on your requirements and corporate practices. This acts as an extension to your own engineering or software development center.This model normally follows an extensive period of engagement and has seen members of our team work directly on-site with the client to build process, technology and management knowledge and then transfer that knowledge offshore to build a virtual Offshore Development Facility.
Partnership Engagement
Predefined hourly rate + Sharing of profits
  • Codebox partners with firms across the globe to facilitate this engagement model. We represent our global business partners in different geographies. We manage end customer relationship and charge initial set-up fee and success based fee or revenue share. This is a good starting point for new entrants in the market. This is an effort from Codebox to promote business opportunities from ground up.