Version 1.0.0
Link Klipper is a simple yet very powerful chrome extension which helps you extract all the links on a webpage and export them to a file. No more hassle to copy each link from a webpage and store it individually.
This extension allows you to :
  • Extract all the links on the webpage
  • Store all the extracted links as a CSV file
  • Custom drag a selectable area on the webpage from which all the links will be extracted
This plugin will add a right click context menu to your browser. By right clicking on any part of the webpage, you will be able to access the options under the context menu entry "Link Klipper - Extract Links"
Applications :
  • For people who work in the SEO industry, you can quickly collect a group of links on the page
  • While browsing through images on any page, you can download the target links of all the images
  • While researching online, you can gather useful resourceful links and store them for future reference to a CSV file
Any recommendations, feature enhancements or bug reports please contact us at and we will make sure to have them all added/rectified in our next release as soon as possible.

About us:

Codebox is a software development company offering offshore consulting, outsourcing and expertise in Web application development, Mobile applications and Chrome extensions.